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Strategic Selling

Do you know that you may be able to sell your business thru a Strategic Sale?

A strategic sale is when you sell your business or company to another business/company. Generally, when businesses are sold in a strategic sale, they are sold to a larger business that is in the same industry or a similar industry.

Businesses buy other business for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons other businesses may be interested in buying a business or company are:

-The business/company for sale has an established database of clients that they could benefit from

-The business/company for sale has intellectual property they could use

-The business/company for sale is established in certain areas of an industry and they would like to establish themselves there

-The business/company for sale is established in certain regions and they would like to get into those regions

These are just a few of many reasons why another business or company would by another business.

As a general rule of thumb, strategically selling a business or company will get a much higher sales price than just selling it to a standalone business owner.

It is not uncommon to sell a business for up 5 times more thru a strategic sale than thru a normal sale to a standalone business owner.

In order to achieve a strategic sale, there are many things you need to prepare and also take into consideration. If you are interested in a strategic sale of your business, please feel free to call us on 1300 00 2734 for a FREE no obligation consultation.

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